AI for 3D geospatial mapping

The French consortium AI4GEO aims at developing a unique solution for the production of automatic 3D geospatial information

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A disruptive approach to geospatial data

Ai4geo is an R&D program with an industrial research phase aiming at lifting the technological barriers allowing the automatic production of2D and 3D Geographic Information with semantic content, key information used in high value-added services thanks to innovativeArtificial Intelligence methods adapted to3D imaging and Big Data technologies.

3D Geospatial Information

Ai4geo allows each of the industrialists during the more downstream phase of experimental development, to remove the last constraints & technological locks. At the end of this Proof Of Concept(POC) phase, the Ai4geo project will lead to the marketing of new products and services with high added value.

Data intelligence platform

smart city


economic intelligence

Autonomous Transport

Ambitions and challenges

The Ai4geo program is a French scientific and industrial response to address strategic issues related to the development of3D geospatial information.


A 4-year program

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This 4-year Ai4geo program launched in September 2019, responds to the challenge of availability of 3D Geospatial Information, a challenge at the heart of many booming business sectors: Sustainable City and Smart City, Ecological Mobility andAutonomous Vehicle, Business Intelligence, consumer market.

Funded by the Programme d'Investissement d'avenir (PIA)

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Funded by the Programme d'Investissement d'Avenir (PIA).


Supported by the competitiveness clusters

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Led by Aérospace Valley, Cap Digital, Finance Innovation

Operated by BPI France

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Operated by BPI France, the program strengthens autonomy in the field of 3D Geospatial Information, creates leaders in new markets and promotes access to these technologies by SMEs.

Richness of sources and sensors

The production of qualified2D and 3Dgeospatial information on a globalscale. This mapping will be based on satellite data that offer global coverage, increasingly fine resolution and frequent updating. It will be hybridized with other sensors(Lidar, Radar) from aerial and terrestrial platforms to increase its added value, its level of qualification and to meet specific uses.

Tomorrow's jobs in artificial intelligence & geospatial data

Our supporters

The consortium

The structured collaboration of institutional and industry is the strength and richness of the consortium. The complementary nature of the expertise in AI, IT, 3D, and Data are at the heart of the project's success


The AIRBUS Group brings its expertise in 3D semantic mapping of cities. Through its experimentation in AI4GEO, it seeks to provide a value-added service in the field of Smart City for metropolises and associated operators.

CLS brings its expertise in providing Earth observation and monitoring solutions. Through its experimentation in AI4GEO, it seeks to provide a value-added service in theenvironmental field.

CNES brings its expertise inspace-based earth observation, particularly in massive data processing, imaging, AI and photogrammetry. CNES is also the technical coordinator of the R&D project and provides its high performance computing infrastructure and databases.

The CS Group brings its expertise in the implementation of Big Data and Cloud solutions. Through its experimentation in AI4GEO, it seeks to provide a value-added service for the implementation of an R&D platform (Earth Engine).

GEOSAT brings its expertise in theacquisition and processing of 3D geographic information of the point cloud type viaartificial intelligence techniques. Through its experimentation in AI4GEO, it seeks to provide a value-added service in the field of autonomous navigation.

TheIGN brings its expertise in the production of qualified geographic data, enriched with innovative techniques and technologies in AI and new acquisition modes(Lidar..), resulting from its research. Within the framework of AI4GEO, it is particularly involved in the creation and use of 3D models.

ONERA brings its expertise on multi-physicsimagery, associated AI processing and is particularly involved in AI4GEO on the semantic enrichment of geospatial data and 3D.

QuantCube brings its expertise inBig Data analysis. Through its experimentation in AI4GEO, it seeks to provide a value-added service to the financial services industry.

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